Making Math Fun

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Let’s face it, math can be hard to teach to our kids. Kids like fun things and math isn’t necessarily at the top of the fun list when it comes to subjects. I have used rewards like M&Ms to reward my kids when they get the answer correct and that works well, but I didn’t want to fatten them up so I set out first to find a product that can make math fun.

My intent was to develop a product if I couldn’t find one that was a great value for the price. Well, I found a product that finally makes math more enjoyable for kids.

There are four ebooks and 5 bonus ebooks for only $27.97. That means you get 9 books! That is a great value so I decided that there wasn’t a need for me to create a product since a high value product with a low cost is already out there.


This picture contains just a few of the games included with the package that your kids will enjoy.

Now your kids will beg you to lean math!  How would it be to have your children actually tug at your shirt to lean math?

Click the button so your kids can enjoy learning.

Click the button so your kids can enjoy learning.

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