Printable Flash Cards Are Beneficial to Childhood Development

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Printable Flash Cards

Author: Jordan English

Printable flash cards have many different uses. They come in a variety of subjects from the alphabet cards to foreign languages cards. They can be used by all ages and not just toddlers or elementary school children.

Some flash cards have the question on one side and the answer on the other. Other cards may only have the problem and have a blank side. If the answers are present they may be used without the help of someone who knows the correct answers, but if there is no answer present it will require a person that is familiar enough to correct any wrong answers.

The best use of printable flash cards is repetition. If you show the cards over and over, you will start to memorize them. There are several strategies implemented to teach using education cards. For children, often a reward can be given after a correct answer or after a session. Small candies such as M&Ms can be used. One for each right answer.

Another way to make flash card use more fun is to involve games. For example use a game board like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders and in order for the child to move to the spot on the board they have to answer the flashcard correctly. If they land on a bad spot, they have to answer a card to be saved from the slide or what ever the case may be.

Another effective strategy to help make printable flash card time more enjoyable is to use the cards with music to make a song out of it. Instead of reading the problem on one side of the card, sing the problem. Some children learn better through music than other ways. A catchy tune can really help. Singing will not be applicable to all flashcards especially language flash cards that require words to be spoken a certain way, but for most of them it can work great.

For adults there should not need to be a reward like candy. Often the best way to use flash cards with adults is to hold the card for one second and then go to the next. The adult may not be able to answer each card within the time frame, but over time all answers should be given within the one second.

Flash cards can be as simple as a piece of paper cut into small pieces with enough room to write on, or they can be purchased from a store. If you make them yourself and want to keep them for a long time, it would be best to laminate the individual cards to protect them from use. Some people like to laminate blank paper and use a dry erase marker to write on the cards for what ever they intend to do that day.

What ever you decide to use for your cards, and what ever subject you go with they are a valuable teaching asset that can be had for free.

Flash cards do not have to cost money. To find free printable flash cards that can be downloaded and printed from your computer visit:

About the Author:

Jordan English is the father of five children and has used flash cards to facilitate learning with them. He enjoys sharing tips he has learned experience while raising his children.

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